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6 Myths on Women's Health You Thought Were True on brings you the six interesting myths about women's health. The first myth is the McClintock Effect (also known as menstrual synchronicity), a theory wherein women who live together tend to have synchronized menstrual periods over time. The second myth is that women don't have Adam's apple, while the third one is that babies are the main reason why women gain weight. Fourth, men's bladders are significantly much bigger than that of women's. Fifth, men have better sense of humor than women. And for the sixth and probably the most interesting myth, women tend to reach their peak on sex at the age of 35.

Women Going Through Early Menopause
If you're going through early menopause, you may want to visit this web site. It is a support community for women going through early menopause, and it includes an introduction by a woman going through early menopause, a definition of early menopause, causes of early menopause, a checklist for the common symptoms of early menopause and tips on how to minimize them, information about hormone level tests, and a section about frequently asked questions. Also included are natural remedies and vitamins to help women cope with early menopause.

How These Healthy Chefs Cook to Lose Their Weight
Being a chef does not mean that person only loves to cook, he also loves to eat as well. In this very informative article at, you will discover the secrets of some celebrated chefs who have reinvented themselves. Here, you can watch the video of Rocco DiSpirito making a healthy Vietnamese noodle soup; Richard Blais making veggie burgers, Jacques Torres demonstrates making dark chocolate bark, and Elizabeth Falkner making Morrocan-date bonbons. Other notable chefs also give some advice in healthy eating, including Houston-area chef Ronnie Killen, who suggested going for smaller portion of a 16-once steak instead of eating it in one sitting. See Flourish, personal/ private chef Aspen for personal chefing in the privacy of your home.

Interview with Dr. Brandon Harshe from the Atlas of Life Chiropractic Blog
Dr. Brandon Harshe created The Atlas of Life blog, devoted to the practice of chiropractic care in the upper cervical area of your anatomy. It's one of the most valuable and active chiropractic blogs on the web. It's a virtual library of information about upper cervical care, complete with recommended links on issues and data including chiropractors, health centers, illustrations, and more. It's an excellent resource for consumers looking for answers about chiropractic care, doctors and chiropractic students interested in networking with colleagues in the field. Site visitors will find little-known, yet insightful pieces of information—for example, there are only 70 full-time researchers in the chiropractic field, as compared to 12,000 researchers at one pharmaceutical company alone.

The Benefits of Tai Chi
Tai chi is a martial art known for both is self-defense techniques as well as its health benefits. This article on Medical News Today explains the health benefits of tai chi as an exercise, which combines gentle physical exercise and stretching, with mindfulness. Tai chi improves balance and flexibility, and therefore control and fitness. Thus, it reduces the risk of falls for older people. It also seems to reduce pain and symptoms of depression. This article discusses the types of tai chi and its history. The site also has information on tai chi for beginners, a tai chi video, techniques and exercises.

Noni Juice Facts and Benefits
Noni juice has for years caused much talk in the health industry because it is used in a variety of ways to treat so many conditions. Traditional healers claim that the fruit can be eaten or consumed as a juice, or added to basic recipes, for the purposes of warding off arthritis, rheumatic disease, the effects of aging, tuberculosis, and other illnesses. Traditional healers use noni plant parts to treat other conditions; the leaves are wrapped around arthritic joints, applied to the forehead to ease a headache, or brewed into tea to sip as a tonic. The stem bark and green leaves are crushed and strained to produce a liquid to treat urinary tract problems and as a general tonic. Noni is used topically as well for blemishes and boils to draw out puss. It can be put together with salt and applied to cuts and broken bones to accelerate healing.

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