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Can a Chiropractor Really Treat Lower Back Pain?
In this article at, Anthony Komaroff, M.D., a practicing physician in Internal Medicine and a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, answered a question. The question was, Should I go to a chiropractor for my lower back pain? According to Dr. Komaroff, he thinks that scientific studies provide evidence that chiropractic therapy for short-term or recurrent back pain may be at least as effective as the treatments offered by medical doctors. However, he said there is no sufficient medical evidence that compels recommending chiropractic care for chronic back pain. Nevertheless, Dr. K suggested looking for an experienced practitioner, if a person wants to try spinal manipulation.

How To Improve Cardiovascular Endurance for Sports
Endurance training helps athletes to develop their energy production systems so they can meet the requirement strength of the physical activity. In this article at by sports medicine expert Elizabeth Quinn, you will understand three most commonly mentioned energy systems in terms of metabolism and endurance for athletes. They are ATP-CP (Anaerobic) energy pathway, anaerobic metabolism, and aerobic metabolism. The endurance training exercises that are explained here are long slow distance training, pace/tempo training, interval training, circuit training, and the so-called fartlek training. Also included here are some ways on how you can measure you cardiovascular endurance.

Get a Handle on Your Big Back Pain
Here's a web site that is devoted to back pain—its causes, symptoms and treatment options, including chiropractic care. In BigBackPain.comís main section, youíll find tips on how to prevent back strain—through proper lifting techniques and posture, along with the right mattress to own, and post-injury exercises. Thereís a wealth of information on chiropractors and their treatment options, and other alternative treatments including spinal injection, inversion, decompression, massage and laser therapy. The site includes detailed information on the anatomy of the spine, and once diagnosed, you can visit the site for knowledge about conditions such as sciatica, herniated discs, osteoporosis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and even whiplash.

Check Out Chiropractor Research on Back Pain
If you are looking to access the results of chiropractic research compiled from the mid-1990s to 2003, make a point of checking out Summaries of the results of various studies are provided on the site. Links to some general information about chiropractor care how the profession is regulated and articles on back pain and injuries such as whiplash are provided here. Patients who have questions about medications used to treat back pain can find information about drugs which are commonly prescribed for this purpose, including Endocet, Amrix, Flexeril and acetaminophen with codeine. For a good chiropractor Santa Monica, try Cooper Chiropractic on the northwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd, & Bundy Drive.

Buyer's Guide to Heart Rate Monitors
This guide can help athletes purchase a heart rate monitor. It discusses what features you need in a heart rate monitor, how your needs will grow and vary and choosing a heart rate monitor in your budget. The basic heart rate monitor is called a "continuous read" monitor, while the second class of monitors are zones monitors. The third type monitor is the most sophisticated and they are called "downloadable" monitors. This article also has information about making the commitment to wear a monitor, as well as heart rate monitor maintenance and repair, as well as choosing features and setting up a budget.

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