Child Safety Resources

Child Safety from MedlinePlus
MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's website. The section on child safety has a lot of information on preventing children's illnesses, emergencies, indoor safety, outdoor safety, car seats, dental health, children with health care concerns and more. Links to recalls, reporting unsafe products and publications on children's safety. Topics include making immunizations easier, tuberculosis, ear infections, handling emergencies, child care safety checklist, food and lead poisoning, healthy air at hoe, indoor air quality, burns, falls, hazards, poison-proofing your house, making a safe day care, bicycle safety, playground safety, climbing gyms, car seat safety, children's dental health, pets in child care, holiday safety check, low cost and free health insurance for kids and more.

Toy Safety
In general, most toys on the market today are safe. But, injuries still occur in spite of tough government regulations and toy makers' efforts to test products. The first step in preventing toy-related injuries is to know what to look for. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is a great resource for toy safety, as you would expect it to be. This page of Safety Publications offers several publications in PDF format on toys (see the last section on the page, Toys, but also other sections, such as Sports, Fitness and Recreation). There's a guide to choosing, buying and maintains toys for children and infants; a fact sheet on the Child Safety Protection Act; tips on selecting and using electric toys, which can be quite dangerous; a safety alert on caps for toy guns to help prevent burn injuries; a document of the suffocation danger associated with children's balloons; a document warning against BB guns (BB Guns Can Kill); and a document on the choking hazard of plastic film on toys and other children's products. There are other documents as well, such as a toy safety coloring book and guys for choosing suitable toys for children up to age five, and ages six through twelve.

Puppy Training: Introducing a New Dog to Kids
This site features interesting articles that address puppy introductions to other pets and infants. Sometimes, even well-meaning actions can go all wrong in a scenario given the unpredictable disposal of toddlers and dogs; the site provides a useful checklist on the must-do's for pet owners leading to these introductions. An impressive article covered the nuances of dog communication tendencies, which we thought was rather intriguing. It has bits on how dogs communicate, even through smell, and sometimes with their tails. It also enlightens owners on the basic know-hows of dog lingo, and how important communication is to dogs.

Tips for Childproofing Your Home from
This page on offers lots and lots of tips for childproofing your home. The tips are categorize by safety measures to childproof every room in your home, hallways and staircases, your kids' rooms, bathroom, kitchen and the yard. Tips include such things as putting up baby gates across stairs, adjusting the water temperature in your home to 130 degrees F or 54 degrees C or even less to prevent accidental scalding, trying to find non-toxic cleaners and use childproof containers and securely locked cupboards to store dangerous chemicals, tossing out broken toys that can't be repaired quickly, covering electrical outlets with approved plugs, removing poisonous plants and several more. But remember, no matter how safe you try to make your home, Remember, you can take action and be as thorough as possible in childproofing your home, but you still need to keep an eye on children. Potential danger cannot be eliminated; it can only be mimimized.

Baby Safety on Babble
Disney's site Babble has a lot of articles on baby safety that provide specific safety tips and instructions. It includes such topics related to safety as winter safety tips for newborns and infants, numerous articles on car seats, what you should know about infant sleep, outdoor safety tips, infant bathtubes, sledding, strollers, sun safety, finger foods and choking, kitchen safety, bedroom safety, stair and hallway safety, household baby hazards, living room safety and bathroom safety—even safety during certain times of the year, such as Christmas. Some of the tips include purchasing electrical outlet plugs, keeping windows locked, cleaning the house for baby safety, keeping cords and cording out of reach and making sure furniture is secure.

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