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Stenciled Moroccan Rug DIY Tutorial
If you want to create your own stenciled Moroccan rug, check this lengthy but easy-to-follow DIY tutorial by Stephanie Woo, a blogger and a craft maker. Here, Stephanie listed the materials needed including the rug, stencil, cardboard, fabric paint, paint brush, tape, pencil, ruler, and scissors. An old newspaper is also needed where the rug is placed above during painting. Otherwise, there will be paint spots left on your floor. For the directions, having a neat preparation is necessary. This includes making sure that the stencil has equal widths so it will line up properly. While painting, Ms Woo suggests using an extra rice measuring cup to serve as paint holder and a spouncer to blot the paint on.

Making Canvas Rugs on
Learn how to make a canvas rug with this easy how-to guide. These practical floor cloths are durable and inexpensive to make. They clean up with a damp mop and mild detergent. No wonder canvas rugs have been popular since colonial times. After the introduction of linoleum, they fell out of favor early in the last century. The craft was revived in the 1950s, when period rugs were made for historic homes. Modern materials have streamlined the technique; with today's quick-drying, water-based products, you can paint a rug this weekend and have it for years. Site includes canvas rug painting tips, decorative photos for rug making ideas, tools and materials needed, making a leaf rug and finishing a rug.

Basic Rug and Carpet Cleaning Tips from H and M Carpet Care
Wool area rugs and carpets are not cheap, so you should know how to take care of them. If you are not sure if you’re doing right cleaning method, check these basic tips from H and M Carpet Care. As a start, you can use an anti-allergen treatment, an insect repellent, or a rug protector treatment. For regular checking, you can use a vacuum cleaner. In case there is already stubborn dirt or stain, you can remove them by yourself. You can use a towel to soak up the spill, but you should be very careful. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, search for some online tutorials or bring it to a professional steam cleaner.

Braided Rug Facts
Braided rug facts are included on this website, which includes rug cleaning instructions, rug materials and rug production information. Area rugs made of quality spun nylon rug yarn, which makes the rugs durable, stable and fade resistant. Also includes microfilament threads, and information about making rugs. Braids are made with a 5-carrier rug braider. There are only two types of braiding machines made specifically for producing rug braid. They are the 3-carrier and the 5-carrier rug braiders. We prefer and use the 5-carrier since it allows up to 5 colors in any strand of braid. Many braided rugs on the market today are braided using "harness braiders". If you take a second look at the rug and the braid does not appear as traditional braid or as you would braid someone's hair it was produced using a harness braider. These rugs are produced as cheaply as possible by wrapping a thin strand of inferior yarn around a tube. Tube rugs are hard to maintain and every time a strand of yarn breaks the tubular core starts to show. Also note the finishing technique employed with these rugs as well as the stitch length and stitch width. By using a long stitch length and a short stitch width these rugs can be sewn very quickly but quality is obviously sacrificed. Rugs are made using zig-zag sewing machine.

Rug Hooking Information
A rug hooking studio based out of Maine. Website includes a perfection acid dye color card, rug hooking tools and equipment, a rug hooking book shop, a rug hooking kit list, rug hooking designs, a hooked rug gallery, hand dyed swatches, links to other rug hooking websites, and articles about rug hooking that include onion skin dyeing, over dyeing for beautiful hooked rugs, binding rug edges, origins of rug hooking, hooking leaves, and more.

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