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DIY Network: Bathroom
The bathroom section on the DIY Network website is over-flowing with great information on bathroom design, remodeling and general bathroom issues, all from a do-it-yourself perspective, of course. The site has articles on specific aspects of bathrooms, such as tile, vanities, showers, tubs, floors, toilets, facets, sinks and lighting. It also provides many features in categorized in major sections: 5-Star Spaces, Most popular, Out-of-the-Box Bathrooms, and Video Center. You'll find articles providing practical knowledge, such how to replace a bathroom faucet, as well as interesting ideas, such as the use of sisal carpet in a bath. There's plenty of information on top products, projects and how-to's for bathroom design and bathroom basics. And they have bathroom photo galleries. You can learn how renovate your bath in art deco style, or design it in glass. If you're looking for crazy bath remodeling ideas, you'll find those here as well.

A Bathroom
A good point to start with bathroom design is A Bathroom Your Guide to Bathroom REmodeling & Design. The site offers design galleries, product reviews, bathroom spa ideas and design styles, from Asian to modern and traditional. There are plenty of remodeling solutions you can choose from. Links to do-it-yourself refinishing, relining, and remodeling include wall systems, installation tips and product ideas. A section for finishing touches is included, which discusses adding shelves, antique bowls, small chairs, accent lighting, low-voltage lighting and wood beams. Also helpful in working ith the design of your dreams is using the quick bathroom remodeling estimators available on the Internet list here on the Cost Caculators page; Improvenet and provide you with those tools.

How-To Bathrooms from provides a 15-part feature on remodeling a bathroom. Two factors deterimine the extent of a bathroom project: available space and budget. A full-blown project is really the most efficient way to remodel a bathroom, but it's messy, inconvenient and complex, requiring a do-it-yourselfer who is prepared to take on framing, plumbing, electrical (you can hire an electrician for this) and drywall. The feature article provides detailed discussion of building codes, removing toilets and sinks, demolishing tubs and walls, framing walls and windows, framing showers and tubs, mechanical systems, drywall and backer board, cabinets, countertops, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, and picking facets, sinks, showers, tub and toilets. There are also bathroom videos on plumbing fixtures, floor warming wire, corner shower, rainfall shower, pivoting show door, and bathroom mirror TV and tankless water heaters.

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