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10 Great Tips in Bathroom Renovations
This post at was written by Karen Cole Banack and Melody Duron. The article starts by emphasizing that an efficient bathroom should satisfy the users' needs, physically and spiritually. Banack and Duron have reminders before buying fixtures such as toilet, sink, bath tub, and mirrors. Tip # 3 focused on the different types of bathroom floorings, while Tip # 5 is about maximizing space. The rest of the tips are about installing a shower area, providing sufficient lighting, and adding some luxury items to make the bathroom look elegant. This includes putting a TV, exercise equipment, or anything that can add relaxation.

Bathroom Design on
The Bathroom Design section of has something like 200 features on bathroom design ideas. Here's a just small sampling of what you'll find on the site: reader-submitted photos of restored vintage bathrooms; designing a Zen bathroom; investing in a soaking tup for a Zen bathroom; incorporating two different style into one master bathroom; bathroom vanities; adding a touch of Tuscany for Old World glamour or modern flair; Euro-style faucets; islands-inspired bath decoration; farmhouse bath; old world-setyle bathroom; adding classic handcrafted furniture; a sophisticated Asian bathroom; a Miami chic designer bath; a stylish Moroccan bathroom, $50 bathroom upgrades, and much more.

Historic Bathroom Makeover
Case study about one bathroom that endured a remodel by relocating the hot water cylinder to the roof space, removing all the internal walls. Removing the multiple layers of ceiling. Opening up the back wall and putting in large bi-folding windows that opens up to the stunning view. The window is aluminum joinery and opaque glass. This is facing the most fabulous view of the hills that the owner wanted to capture. This is where the shower now lives. When demolishing the ceiling, it was obvious that numerous renovations had taken place—there were three layers of "new" ceilings. We therefore ended up with a higher ceiling than expected, a nice surprise making the new room more spacious. Photos of the bathroom-remodeling project are included to show the transformation.

Bathroom Renovation Tips on
Renovating a bathroom requires creativity and extensive planning, especially about the cost, and this comprehensive guide at can help you a lot. First, it will give you an idea on how to choose the fixtures to maximize the space of your bathroom. Next, you will learn how to choose the right builder to do the job and how you can prepare your home while the builders are doing the renovation. The last part provides some recommendations and specific details about the bath ware items for your bathroom renovation project especially if you have a small bathroom. This includes choosing a wall-mounted basin instead of a vanity.

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