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How to Install Tile on a Bathroom Floor
Step-by-step instructions are provided for installing ceramic floor tile, a fairly easy update you do in the span of a weekend. The article recommends that a classic style, neutral color tyle will last for years, and that ceramic is durable and practical for bathrooms. The DIY guide is broken into four steps: plan the tile layout and cuts; prepare the first batch of adhesive; lay the tiles, and apply the grout. It's important to be sure to purdchase enought tiles for the entire project, accounting for half piece scrap pieces and replacement tiles. You also want to be sure to buy the tiles all at once, because tile from different stock can look different.

Huge Photo Gallery of Bathrooms Renovated in 1 Week Only is proud to present to you their huge photo gallery of renovated bathrooms. Each bathroom remodeling lasted for one week only. As you compare the before-and-after photos of more than 115 remodeled bathrooms, you can see the dramatic improvement in terms of style, color and design. Despite the fact that no explanation was made during the transformation, the stunning photos are more than enough how creative the new designs are. According to the company, every bathroom renovation is being done by only a single crew with no sub-contractor whatsoever.

8 Bathroom Makeovers From Fave HGTV Designers
In this feature on you'll find wonderful before-and-after photos that show your favorite HGTV designers—Candice Olson, Sarah Richardson, Vern Yip, Angelo Surmelis and John Gidding—took shabby bathrooms and turned them into chic spaces. In one example, Sarah Richardson took a small ugly bath and turned it into a cottage charmer wiht a vintage claw-foot tub, traditional marble hexagonal tile floor, splashes of yellow, and her signature sophisticated yet relaxed style. In another example, Candice Olson took a large outdated bathroom and turned it into a relaxing spa retreat with a watery color palette and waterfall showerhead. If you're looking at a bathroom remodel, you're sure to get some ideas from these top designers.

Bathroom Design Advice
For expert bathroom design advice, visit the Bathroom Design Central section of You'll find numerous features here, such as twelve ways to make your small bathroom look and feel larger; how to dress up your cabinets with beautify hardware; how to bring elegance and luxury to your new bathroom, and numberous projects, including some that are inexpensive and simple and don't take much time at all. Learn how organization, fresh color, updated lighting and good accessories can really make a bathroom sparkle. The site has information on fixtures, such as choosing a bathroom sink. There are also articles on lighting. And there are also video features, such as creating a stylish bathroom that is a personal sanctuary.

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