Bathroom Remodeling Resources (04) Bathroom Remodeling Projects
This section on is for bathroom projects posted by readers. Each project provides a gallery of before-and-after photos, a budget, the tools and materials required, and a summary of the project. It's a great place to get creative ideas for your bathroom. For example, one project involves gutting a jack and jill style bathroom and turning it into two separate bathrooms, one for the master bathroom and the other for access from the hallway. Many projects are not full-bore remodels, but smaller projects. For example, as the result of a plumbing repair, a homeowner discovered an unused space behind a wall in the small bath, and used it to create a built-in cabinet to gain more storage space. Despite today's homeowner remodeling craze, you should weigh the pros and cons of taking on an entire bathroom project alone. Knowledge—including admitting your strengths and weaknesses—is the key to successfully completing any project on time and under budget. Make sure you know if you want to remodel or simply makeover the bathroom.

Bathroom Sizing Guide
Brought to you by Bed Bath and Beyond, this handy web guide contains specific information to help you find the measurements you need to conduct bathroom makeovers. Shower curtains, bath rugs and towels can easily be purchased with the help of the guide. Shower curtains in standard and stall sizes are detailed, as are bath rugs in four common dimensions. Sizes of bath rugs specify what is best for carpeting pedestal sinks, outside tubs, areas that require runners, and large bathrooms.

Bathroom Remodeling Architectural Plans
A sample bathroom-remodeling project is outlined with room drawings and accompanying text to depict the transformation. The moderately sized sample bathroom has insufficient closet space, particularly accessible for guests to access for personal, bathroom amenities. A dimensioned and annotated floor plan in a line drawing of interior space is included. The remodeling project includes chopping the lavatory countertop in half and installing in a bathroom closet. The plan is modified to obtain maximum bathroom space, and the next phase takes place. An angled lavatory is explored, but the final product included moving the toilet, adding a closet and shifting a bathroom wall.

10,643 Vintage Style Bathroom Photos
Get inspired and get ideals for remodeling your bathroom in vintage style by viewing thousands of actual vintage-style remodeled bathroom photos. With so many photos, you will find numerous examples with different colors—greens, beiges, pinks, yellows, oranges, off-whites— and of course a plethora of different vintage-style fixtures. Many of these photos on are accompanied by comments by readers that sometimes provide insight. The site also provides some related articles, such as 15 Elements of Today's Vintage-Inspired Baths, Your Home: Vintage Color, 10 Vintage Touches for Your Bathroom, and Console Sinks for a Vintage Style Bath.

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