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The $1,000 Bathroom Remodeling Project from
Ideally, a typical bathroom remodeling will cost you around $16,000. But thanks to this generous post at, you can now remodel your master bathroom for only $1,000. This article features a detailed explanation on things you need, including the percentage of the cost of each items needed along with the labor. Also mentioned are the five important factors that you need to consider, such as flooring, lighting and mirror. The last part is very helpful if your house has more than one bathroom and you want to remodel them too.

Bathroom Makeover Gallery
Find inspiration for bathroom makeovers on the website for Country Living magazine. This feature contains sets of gorgeous before-and-after photos of 10 bathrooms and simple, clever tips. For example, one bathroom had an old toilet and vanity with heavy sponge-painted walls. In the after photo, it shows the homeowner kept the layout the same to avoid major plumping work, but created a beautiful gray effect with Moroccan cement floor tiles that look like like a fine rug, and replaced the sponge-painted walls with penny tiles. The outdated vanity was replaced with a pedestal sink, and the old toilet with an efficient commode by Toto. A custom medicine cabinet now hangs in the powder room with a modern towel rack. These examples show that dramatic results can be obtained by initiating bathroom-remodeling projects.

43,733 Bathroom Design Photos
If you agree that a picture is worth a thousand words, and you're looking for new bathroom design ideas, than you'll be in heaven on This site has 43,733 bathroom design photos, but you can narrow the selection of photos you view by applying filters according to style and/or metro area. The feature points out that the bathroom as understood technically has the four essential elements of bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. But after these four plumbing fixtures, it says, it is up to us to mix and match materials to transform a utilitarian room into whatever it is we want it to be. Many of the photos have descriptive copy to highlight key points of the design. In addition to all the photos, the site also provides related articles, such as creating a showering space just for pets, strategies for designing easy-to-clean bathroom, 16 bathroom light fixtures that radiate style, luxurious and sexy outdoor baths for back-to-nature indulgence, and 21 dream showers with spectacular design and sumptuous materials.

Bathroom Topics on
The Home & Garden channel on has lots of information on bathroom and many other home repair and home interior topics. There nearly 1900 article titles just on home interior. There are many general articles on interest to bathroom redesign and remodeling. More specific articles include decorating ideas for a country bathroom; how to replace a broken tile floor; how to hide pipes that are on show; seascape inspirational ideas for your bathroom; ways to remodel an outdated bathroom; how the choice of bathroom taps can add drama and style to bathroom decor; easy ways to transform a bathroom; how to brighten up a boring bathroom; things to consider when upgrading a bathroom; how to convert old furniture into a bathroom vanity; how to hang a towel bar; ideas for using the space under a wall mounted sink; decorating ideas for small bathrooms; tips for a budget bath redo, and much more. In the home repair section, you'll find articles on tips for removing a tub spout; essential information before hiring a plumber; how to locate a toilet leak; how to fix a toilet; how to install a faucet; how to unclog bathtub water supply plumbing, the economics of solar water heaters, as well as topics such as which is the better DIY store, Home Depot or Lowe's?, and how to find the perfect contractor and what to ask before hiring the contractor.

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