Resources on the Game of Pool/Billiards

Animated Guide on How to Play Pool Like a Pro
Want to learn how to play pool like a pro? Here’s an animated guide from the Here, you will learn the basics of billiards, the different bridge techniques, how to position yourself properly, how to aim for a shot, and how to pocket a ball. There is also an illustration for different styles in hitting the cue ball and tips depending on the position. This includes side spinning, the right and left English, and others. The rules for the 8-ball and 9-ball pools are explained well, along with the list of common fouls that you should avoid.

Table Skills
Improve your pool game with this website, chock full of pocket billiard news, discussions, pool lessons and more. Watch billiard video clips, play online, learn offensive and defensive pool game strategies, practice with ball control drills and English side drills as well as important shots. Articles contain information about dealing with missed shots, billiard tips, pocket billiards, learning tools, pool laws and more.

Pool Portal
This is the Internet home for fans and fanatics of the Southeastern United States billiards scene. The place to shop for OTC Billiard Originals on posters, t-shirts, gifts, exclusive pool art and designs available on 40+ product selections. To play pool online, play 8 ball, 9 ball or snooker, single or multiplayer internet game play in OTC's Virtual Pool Room. Join free or low price subscription to premium membership for added online games playing benefits. A North Carolina pool room directory and Southeastern United States Cue Maker listings, and more resources for pool and billiard players, this is the site. Pool information, billiard graphics, articles, message board, stories, fun, games and an online game are featured.

Inside Pool Magazine
The official website of Inside Pool Magazine is comprehensive, covering competitive pool all over the world, as well as featuring forums on pool and billiards, instruction for the average player, stories about tournaments, professional pool, a multimedia menu, a photo gallery, a listing of pool on television, a place to submit tournament results, FAQ's, pool and billiards software, and much more. There's also a photo caption contest, breaking news, a page of links to many pool and billiards websites...In short everything for the home pool player with a game room pool table to the professionals.

How to Choose the Right Pool Table
An in-depth information piece from on questions to ask before you buy or even try a pool table, including what size room it will go into. You'll learn what to look for in a pool table. including quality construction, slate, cloth and cushions, color, as well as the differences between veneer pool tables and solid wood tables. Also noted are tips for maintenance, including keeping pool tables dry and treating fabrics. Cloth grades are also discussed, and links to purchase various kinds of pool tables are available. There's also some practical information concerning the seller, such as what kind of warranty and repairmen are available, and are leveling visits provided for free or at what cost.

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