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How to Light a Bathroom
This Q&A on the YLighting blog provides ideas and advice on contemporary lighting design for the bathroom by San Francisco-based designer Geoffrey De Sousa, the co-founder of the DeSousa Hughes shows, who has designed residences through the Bay Area and Beyond. DeSousa addresses the questions of what's important in lighting a bathroom, what should be the areas of focus in lighting a bathroom, what are some common mistakes in bathroom ligthing, lighting the shower/tub area, how new LED technology has affected lighting a bath, the kinds of bulbs that work best in the bathroom, and some examples of lighting he likes for the bath.

Lighting News and Articles from Louie Lighting
Here are some examples: Lighting for living spaces such as living rooms, dens and bedrooms can actually be more difficult to design than lighting for task areas such as kitchens and home offices. The lighting must be flexible for the many and varied activities in these rooms. These elements are usually at the perimeter of the room, on or adjacent to the wall. Accent lighting is best accomplished with spotlights (low voltage halogen is a good energy-efficient choice), or wall washing (large lamp fluorescent strips are good for even lighting of large areas). Track or recessed lighting are good choices for spotlighting individual pieces of artwork or points of great interest. Bookshelves, very large wall art (quilts, murals, etc.) or collections (groups of small objects with equal import) are best lit with wall washers. These can take the form of recessed cans or track, but a better choice may be to use architectural fixtures. A luminous soffit or a valance can be built to hold fluorescent strips to provide uniform wall lighting. Don't forget to light 'floating' furniture like coffee tables, as these provide a nice focal point for seating areas. Site also features information on ceiling fans, seasonal affective disorder and track lighting.

Chic Home Lighting Ideas
Lighting is an essential element for any room in the home. HGTV.com (Home and Garden TV) provides a photo gallery with essays to get you inspired with fixtures, shades and unique styles, and provide a plethora of decorating principles and tips involving lighting techniques and craftsmanship. From just a small number of room examples, you'll find techniques and tips on nearly every aspect of lighting from lighting design to lighting fixtures, bathroom lighting, table lamps, refurbished chandeliers, garden lighting, chandelier lampshades, kitchen lighting, ceiling fan makeovers and more.

Lighting Design Guide
Good lighting does wonders for the interior of a home. In order to have a seamlessly designed interior, you need to have a plan not just for the fixtures of your home, but a lighting scheme as well. However, planning a lighting scheme is not as easy as buying lights and installing them. It involves careful thought and consideration. The first thing you have to consider is natural lighting. How much of it do you have? How much natural lighting do you want in your kitchen or living area? Once you have decided on natural lighting, then it is time to come up with the lighting scheme. This article offers tips on how to plan a lighting scheme for your home.

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