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How to Begin Investing in Real Estate
This U.S. News & World Report feature article suggests that the Institutional investors managed to dominate the markets from 2010 onward, but by the end of 2014, cash sales declined to 36.1 percent and the foreclosure inventory declined to 34 percent. These trends left the low-profile investors to pick up the lower-priced properties for rentals. Also, this year brought serious modifications to REIT, making it easy for small investors to buy shares in a real estate investment trust instead of directly owning commercial properties. Commercial real investments through REIT offer many benefits without the usual risks of ownership. The second type of commercial RE investment is the direct ownership, which involves collecting rents, monitoring cash flow, and providing timely repairs on an apartment building if needed.

Stockholders Hesitant to Invest in Hotels
This Hotel News Now (HNN) article looks at the global hotel industry from the economic vantage point. The current euro crisis resulting in plummeting hotel stocks, tension in the Middle East, and disruptive technologies—all contribute directly or indirectly to the growth of the hotel industry. Though revenue per available room still remains a useful metric in measuring the overall health of the hotel industry, the measurements are not prescriptive. In 2011, when RevPAR was up to approximately 7 percent, hotel stocks underperformed. This article provides an in-depth economic analysis of hotel stocks.

10 Top Reasons Why New Yorkers Are Investing in Miami Real Estate
According to this Luxury Life Miami blog post, the top 10 reasons why New Yorkers are investing in Miami real estate are the premier Miami Properties, the competitive prices of Miami properties, relatively low state taxes, the financial power base, the growth of business HQs, the growth of arts and culture, burgeoning fashion scene, entertainment options, and the great natural assets. Some of the implicit reasons hidden in the article's discussion may be the tourism attraction of Miami, the celebrity lifestyle, the cultural melting pot, and the unique architectural fusion in the heritage buildings.

Barcelona—Main Target for Luxury Hotels
The city of Barcelona is going through a major overhaul, as the current restriction on hotel construction licenses have impacted 40 constructions, eight of which are luxury and 5-star hotels. Even at this painful juncture, Barcelona still leads in the potential for high standing establishments. Barcelona represents 13 percent of the total 5-star accommodations, followed by London at 10 percent and Paris at 7.5 percent. According to a Aguirre Newman study, Barcelona is leading in the luxury hotel industry. This study further states that out of the total 70,000 hotel accommodations available in Barcelona, 9,150 are in luxury hotels.

Strike It Rich By Investing in Real Estate
No matter where the real estate investment industry stands tomorrow, people will always need a home. Now is probably one of the best times in the history of investment to start investing in real estate. As long as mortgage rates sink, home values remain unpredictable, and buyers still look for affordable homes, investors have an opportunity to tap into. According to this Kiplinger article, a beginner investor needs a good credit score and some cash to get started. A lot of help in already available in the investment market, but good interpersonal skills will go a long way in opening doors for the right individual. The last warning that this article provides to the investor is that anyone who wishes to sustain in this business must be able to live through the risky ventures.

Three Things That Make a Great Real Estate Investment
Planning to buy or invest in real estate? This article by Forbes is a must read then. The article starts by listing out what your exact goals should be while venturing into this investment arena. Once you have listed out your goals, the article tells you how you should negotiate, set terms and conditions and exit the investment along with some handsome profits, a fat bank balance and of course, a smile on your face. You can also learn more about real estate investment by reading similar articles on the magazine website.

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