Resources for Better Elder Living (01)

Housing and Living Alternatives for the Elderly
Senior citizens have different housing needs caused by poor health, limited mobility, memory loss, loneliness or too much space and upkeep to deal with. Thatís why there are more alternatives now for them to still live at home and maintain independence. Some opt for a smaller home or condominium, or hire live-in help. There are elder apartments and retirement communities that can help seniors maintain health but still be independent and living in their own homes. Elders donít have to go into nursing homes or assisted living centers; if an alternative is possible you wonít want to miss out on this information.

Medicare Information and Updates for Seniors
Have questions regarding Medicare? This is an easy-to-use website that has information updated regularly from real people about using and benefiting from Medicare. Topics include using Medicare and Medicaid and understanding your Medicare options. It also allows you to compare your Medicare plan options and find information on the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Stay on top of important Medicare changes that may affect your coverage—subscribe to the free e-newsletters that can help you stay informed about health care benefits and options. Learn about discount prescription drugs and discount prescription drug programs for seniors.

101 Activities for Elderly People Living with Teens and Young Kids by the Alzheimer's Association
If you are a senior who lives with teens and young kids, you may have difficulties in socializing with them. However, this is not always true as there are many activities that you can still do together. This includes listening to music, playing a musical instrument, dancing, making homemade lemonade, baking cookies, making sandwiches, cooking family recipe, combing each other's hair, planting seeds, folding laundry, looking at family photos, making a scrapbook, talking about great inventions, making holiday cards, and solving puzzles. You see, the list can be endless. If you still want more, check this list of 101 activities for elderly people by the Alzheimer's Association.

Senior Lifestyle Magazine
Want to make the most of your golden years? Turn to the Internet? This site has information for elderly adults, including statistics and facts and figures. It discusses how to maintain healthy relationships as an elder, and making time to laugh and reflect on life. A section on senior health is offered, too, as well as links and resources to other senior-friendly sites on the web. Make the most of the second half of your life with Senior Lifestyle Magazine.


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