Resources for DIY Home Improvement Projects

Build Your Own Tabletop Indoor Fountain? Put Your Creativity to Work!
With a bit of inspiration, you can create your own indoor water fountain. Don't let the project intimidate you; building a tabletop water fountain is definitely something you can tackle on your own. Check out this site to get instructions for completing the project. The one suggested here is a simple design that incorporates as terra cotta bowl for the base. The instructions provided will take you through the process on a step-by-step basis and covers preparing the container, where you would need to make an opening for the plug on the water pump and adding the accent pieces, such as rocks, moss and plants that will finish the fountain and make it truly your own.

Visit this Auto Body Custom Auto Paint Forum
This online forum focuses on issues surrounding auto body painting. If you want to find out about airbrushing, spray can painting, flame painting and custom auto painting, this is the place to learn from people who have experience in this field. The forum also includes images shared by fellow members. Westwood Auto Body in West LA provides the highest quality materials and clear coat for auto paint Los Angeles

Get Your DIY Plans for Outdoor and Indoor Projects Here
This site is your one stop for DIY woodworking plans of all kinds. If you are thinking of building a windmill, Adirondack chair, high chair, or a doll house, you can get the instructions you need here. Indoor plans available include a kitchen island, roll-top secretary, bookcase, ice box and more. Build a Nativity scene, reindeer, elves, or Santa Claus himself to add a special touch to your Holiday celebrations. Hardware kits for a blanket chest, granddaughter clock, a grist mill pump and more are available, along with a plant table and a child's armoire.

Get the Facts About Roofing from the Experts at
This site that is devoted to all things roofing is chock full of information and advice for homeowners. Visitors to the site can check out the library portion of the site to get details on topics such as ventilation, dealing with black mold and ice dams, and how to determine the right slope for your new roof. You can also discover how to figure out when the roof needs to be fully replaced or simply covered over. A list of building codes, roofing associations and testing groups is also provided. If you need to winter proof your roof before cold weather starts, this is definitely the place for you. Before you click away from the site, check out the handy glossary of terms, hints, tips, and answers to FAQs. You can also check out answers to questions submitted by other site visitors, and get advice about what roof may be the best choice for your situation. Find out about how to hire the right roofing contractor to get the job done quickly and on budget.

Natural Wood Flooring Manufacturers Give Tips on Floor Fashions
The Wood Flooring Manufacturers' Association has been in operation for more than 50 years. During that time, the organization has been setting standards for the wood flooring industry and administering the same. Visitors to the NOFMA web site can get basic information about this flooring choice. Find out about this material's ability to expand and contract with changes in temperature, the reasons the flooring may develop gaps, how to deal with panelizing and why a vapor retarder may be needed. Tips for dealing with powderpost beetle infestations, the proper way to store oak flooring and how to avoid "chatter" marks are provided, along with suggestions for restoring flood-damaged floors. A handy Hardwood Strip Flooring Square Foot Calculator is posted, as well as answers to FAQs.


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