Resources for New Building Projects (01)

Construction Resource the Go-To Place for Building Information
Designed to appeal to homeowners, buyers, sellers, and building contractors alike, Construction Resource provides a wealth of information on such topics as home styles, the building process itself, what a construction estimate should include, and an overview of different estimating methods. Get advice and information from professional builders by signing up for the discussion forum. Also included here are several reviews of construction tools and construction calculators for foundations, framing, crown molding, roofing, paint coverage, and more.

Learn About Setting Up a Roofing Company on this Site
A customer who is looking for a roofing company can use the resources offered on this website to help him or her screen different providers. By studying the steps involved in starting this type of business venture, a consumer can get an idea of the types of questions to ask a roofing company owner before making a buying decision.

Building Site Offers Guidance On Door Frame Construction
Major home construction or remodeling projects often include hanging a door—but before you can do that, you need to build the frame. Wayne Of The Woods offers up detailed information and colorful graphics with step-by-step instructions on the construction of a door frame. There are also links for other construction how-tos, including framing a window, wall and corner. And if you're looking for door framing ideas, Wayne Of The Woods has an e-mail link for free plans.

How to Build a Gas Fire Pit for Your Patio
If you are looking for simple, step-by-step instructions for building a fire pit, you can find the basics posted here. The process starts with selecting the right location for your outdoor fire pit. Once the location has been chosen, a visit to a home improvement store is in order. The other steps in the process, which include digging the pit itself, placing brick or stones around the pit and installing a cooking grate are also mentioned. Don't forget to add the lava rocks or stones into the fire pit before using it!

Product Tips For Green Builders And Homeowners Available At
Here's an excellent site for anyone researching "green" home product information. has an extensive listing with 20 different categories for everything from appliances and audio/visual systems to water, windows and doors. Visitors to the site can catch up on the latest "green" product news, such as an article advocating payback analysis for anyone considering a tankless water heater, or read stories from real people about green remodeling. And if you're a list kind of person, there's also a "Top 10" list for anyone interested in what the experts think about environmentally, high efficiency building products and accessories.

Deck Building Tips Make Your Next Home Improvement Project A Breeze
Follow these tips from and any man—or woman—can build his or her very own deck onto their home and increase its value as well as improve the aesthetic appeal of outdoor landscaping and living space. This site includes useful construction tips on tool selection, preliminary planning advice, overall construction dos and don'ts, and tables that will help you determine the appropriate beam size, number of posts necessary, size and spacing. With the included step-by-step instructions and illustrations, you'll soon be sunning yourself outdoors and impressing your friends with your construction know-how!


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