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Save Money on Postal Rates with Bulk Mail Software
Bulk mail rates help companies keep distribution rates down. Find out how to get started with mass mailing functions by checking out this informative site. You will discover what types of mailers are considered "Standard Class" and how to save on bulk rates. Using bulk mail software is one way to save, since it is one of the steps involved in sorting your bulk mail items yourself. MailersMVP offers great prices on bulk mail software programs from Lorton Data Software and SmartSoft Software

Answers to Your Home-Based Business Questions
Jim Blasingame, the self-proclaimed "small business advocate," offers advice on starting and maintaining a home-based business, on topics such as choosing an accountant, choosing a lawyer, checking out business opportunities, becoming an independent contractor, pricing, stress management, publicity, and your professional image.

Read These 10 Tips Before Getting Auto Body Repair Work Done
Check out these tips for getting the lowest rates on auto body repair work before you approach a shop for an estimate. You will learn about how to find out about the shop's record before you choose one. Other tips deal with consumer awareness about replacement parts and signing off on the repairs before any work is started. For personal service and a lifetime guarantee for auto body repair Los Angeles, try Westwood Auto Body in West LA near UCLA.

Car Rental Insurance Basics
Check out this site to get a good overview of your insurance options before you rent a car. You will find an overview of your insurance options, including using your own coverage, protection offered by your credit card and the auto rental agency itself. Once you fully understand your options, you can make the best choice for your needs. For a Venice Beach car rental, Marathon Car Rental--an independent auto renting company that provides great rates, and pick-up service on the West side of Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice Beach and Hermosa, Redondo and Manhattan Beach.

Freelancers Union
This organization provides information about joining the freelance union is available, as are new health plans and good companies to freelance for. Information about work-at-home and freelance jobs is also posted with events and resources. This organization represents the needs and concerns of America's growing independent workforce through advocacy, information and service. Best companies to freelance for are also noted and listed.

Light Up Your Home Office
If you are going to be operating a business from your home turf, don't discount the value of having proper lighting in place. Find out whether you can incorporate existing lighting into the plan or if you should consider a complete redesign. The importance of adding task lighting is covered, along with suggestions for using accent lighting effectively. Variations in the color of lighting can create an attractive effect. Different types of lamps provide different shades and colors of light. Incandescent lamps have a lot of yellow, while halogen is more bluish white, and mixing different types can achieve specific desirable effects. Another factor is that you'll likely be spending a lot of time working in front of a computer, and if the area around the monitor is not well lit, the contrast between the bright computer screen and the darkness of the room will create eye strain.

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