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Bathrooms on This Old House
The website for This Old House offers a huge section on ideas for the design and planning of bathrooms, for every layout from master bathrooms to half-baths and powder room. The site covers sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, bathroom lighting and small bathrooms. For example, there's a feature called 13 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms. The site provides many photos galleries; for example, there's a photo gallery of the best before and after bathroom remodels, wackiest bath products, and products to outfit a guest bath for $50 or less. On the site you'll find project and advice articles, such as how to properly vent a bathroom, cleaning marble or laying vinyl over ceramic tiles. The site also offers video features, such as trends in bathroom design, how to replace a bathroom vanity, and choosing universal-design bath fixtures.

Bathroom Remodeling from
This is an extensive site from on how to remodel your bathroom, from top to bottom or simply how to replace a single fixture. Some of the topics covered in depth for the do-it-yourselfer are how to install a tub, bathroom cleaning tips, a bathroom planning checklist, How to install a bathroom drain waste vent system, how to install a bathroom sink, how to install a shower/bathtub, how to install a toilet, how to install a water supply system, how to replace a showerhead, how to repair cracks in fiberglass showers and tubs, how to make a bathroom fit for a wheelchair, how to choose the right shower door, how to remodel your bathroom for under $50, how to make the bathroom safe for children, how to build a bathtub enclosure, how to install a whirlpool bath, and a lot more. Each article is detailed and complete with all the information a do-it-yourselfer will need.

Find Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Your Area is a free resource for consumers to find contractors with bathroom remodeling experience. Contractors can add their listings to the site for free, at which point consumers who have used these contractors are free to leave reviews on the service they received. Consumers may also get some ideas and guidance from our growing list of articles as well.

Personalizing Your Bathroom
If you are inspired by photographs of beautiful personalized bathroom remodeling and redecorating, than this site is for you. The photos on this site speak for themselves. Start with hand-pained flowers starting above the bathroom mirror and then flowing down the walls. Next is a faux finish cabinet, followed by details of the flower designs and examples of the flow designs used to cover the towel closet and a beautiful niche. The designs are intended to inspire you into finding ways to liven up and beautify your bathroom with a little paint, a little time and possibly a little skill. It would be possible for a less talented artisan to achieve a similar effect using modern stencils. Get inspired—let your mind flow!

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